Being recognised as a competent, skilled and qualified electrical worker before employers, Clients and industry peers is at the core of the online electrical Licence to Practise system.  Electrical Licence to Practise is about connecting the competencies of licenced electrical workers with contracts.

The online system requires electrical workers to register for one of four licence types.  These are AQE (Assessed Qualified Electrician), QE (Qualified Electrician), REW (Restricted Electrical Worker) or AE (Apprentice Electrician).

Unqualified and underqualified workers have entered the supply chain via false self-employment routes and on the back of short form courses and unassessed skills.  In many cases, this has blurred the lines between fully qualified and semi qualified workers right through to the low end of the cowboy spectrum.  The online system will be used by Clients to verify the composition of the electrical contractor’s direct and indirect workforce by licence type. This means that licenced electrical workers will become much more valuable to employers and Clients.

Electrical licence to Practise sets out to re-establish the identity and value of the industry’s best asset – the electrical worker.  A preoccupation with H&S accreditation has diminished the place of the vocational credentials and identity of electrical workers in the contemporary industry.

In this Section

How to Apply

Anyone wishing to apply for a SparkSafe Licence to Practise must complete an online application.

Licence Renewal

The Electrical Worker Licence is valid for 3 years from the date of approval.

Licence Types & Criteria

Licence types available – Assessed Qualified Electrician, Qualified Electrician, Restricted Electr...

Qualification Information

A list of electrical qualifications for QE Licence Type.

Costs & Payment

Payment must be made before your application can be submitted online.

Your Responsibilities

If you are an electrical worker, you have the certain responsibilities regarding LtP implementation.