Online Visibility

The system provides Client organisations with an online identity and competency check for Electrical Workers. Plastic cards are replaced by online profiles.

Independent Validation

Each piece of evidence submitted in support of a License application is examined for authenticity and proof of ownership. The hard work is done for you – we check dates, numbers, and signatures.

Reporting Tools

Project stakeholders have access to an online Workforce Composition Report that details the name and License type of each Electrical Worker assigned to a Project.

Find a Worker

The “Find a License Electrical Worker” feature on the homepage allows users to view the identity and License type of individual Electrical Workers. No more lost, fake or forged plastic cards.


A previously established condition of tender obliges the Client’s appointed supply chain to make connections via the system with all of the project stakeholders. This means precise, reliable and visible data on the quality and quantity of the Electrical Workforce.

Onsite Auditing

The outcome of the audit is a Client focussed report detailing the level of compliance with obligations relating to the composition of the Electrical Contractor’s workforce.

First Time Users

How it Works

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Workforce Composition Report

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Compliance Auditing

In the UK there is a statutory requirement for electricians to be competent for the work they carryi...


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