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better workers, better outcomes

Connecting Competency + Contracts

SparkSafe ...
Promoting Responsible Procurement

Connecting Competency + Contracts

SparkSafe ...
Rewarding competent electricians

Connecting Competency + Contracts

Why SparkSafe?

  1. Rewarding the competent, skilled and qualified electrical worker
  2. Improving quality and raising standards through technical competence
  3. Modernising and reforming the electrical contracting industry
  4. Incentivising apprenticeship training and adult worker upskilling


Are you interested in change?

The industry must improve its gatekeeping arrangements and increase its commitment towards accredited apprenticeship and workforce training.

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"The concept of a Licence to Practice for electricians appears to have become a reality in NI through the SparkSafe initiative. NI appears to be leading the way in the vanguard with this initiative."


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What are the main benefits of the system?


Better people produce better outcomes. Fully qualified electricians are more likely to produce better quality and safer work for their Clients. The system gives online visibility to the Client and their professional team of who is doing the work and how qualified/competent or otherwise they really are.

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