General FAQS

  • Can a Licence be revoked?

    SparkSafe reserves the right to revoke a licence where information or supporting evidence provided is found to be incorrect, fraudulent or misleading.

Electrical Contractor FAQS

Electrical Worker FAQS

  • My employer has asked me to apply for a Licence, why do I need it?

    The Licence to Practise (LtP) Initiative requires that only licenced electrical workers are employed to undertake electrical installation work on behalf of Government Clients. The LtP Initiative applies to all appropriate NI Government Construction contracts from 1 February 2016. Requirements that the Main Contractor, Electrical Contractor and Electrical Workers register with an LtP System will be included in procurement and contract documentation issued after that date.

Main Contractor FAQS

  • What are the benefits of being SparkSafe LtP registered?

    Once both the electrical contractor and electrical workers have been added to the project you will be able to gain a unique insight into the workforce composition for each individual project. You will be able to assess and determine the suitability of each individual worker and ensure that they are matched to the requirements of the Client.

  • Can I register both an Electrical Contractor and a Main Contractor?

    Yes, it is possible to register as both a main contractor and an electrical contractor. You will need to create an account in both the main contractor and electrical contractor sections of the website.

Client FAQs

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