100% rebate now available for new electrical installation apprentices

23 September 2020

Northern Ireland public sector construction projects include a requirement for electrical installation workers to be registered under PGN01/16 Electrical Licence to Practise initiative for Electrical workers. The system has been designed and approved as a means of improving quality, raising standards and building industry sustainability through authentic apprenticeship training.

At SparkSafe, we recognise that many employers are once again facing challenging times. For some employers, this has resulted in a postponement of planned apprentice recruitment activity. However, we also appreciate that other employers have already successfully recruited new 2020 apprentices into the industry.

The economic impact of the pandemic has persuaded our team to play our part in supporting the industry by removing a cost that has either been picked up by the employer or by the apprentice.

We are pleased to confirm that a 100% rebate covering the Apprentice Electrician (AE) licence fee of £100 is now available for new entrant 2020 electrical installation apprentices.

How it Works

  • Apprentices complete the online application and process payment as normal
  • All supporting evidence to be emailed to the SparkSafe team. This includes a signed Training Plan & Delivery Agreement/Personal Training Plan or a letter signed by an authorised training provider representative confirming the registration of the apprentice on to the industry approved framework.
  • Upon approval of the apprentice licence, we will promptly refund the £100 licence fee.

Scope and limitation

All new entrant 2020 electrical installation apprentices are encouraged to avail of the offer. The qualifying period will cease on Friday 11th December 2020. Any new entrant apprentice licence applications or approvals after this date will not be eligible for the £100 refund.

Our recommendation

We recommend that apprentices operating in the private sector also take advantage of this offer as the AE licence may assist with future transfer and employability opportunities.

The opportunity benefit from the rebate is currently available. The application process is straightforward and can be completed via this link 

Please feel free to contact a member of our team on 03300 579 572 or 02825 666835 should you require further assistance.