SparkSafe Schedule Sixty Compliance Audits

3 July 2020

A full and busy program of “Licence to Practise” compliance auditing covering sixty projects for CoPE organisations including EA, NI Water and the NIHE is set to keep the SparkSafe audit team busy during the next few months.

The SparkSafe audit process is designed to improve the quality and raise the standards of the electrical contracting industry on behalf of its Clients. Auditing provides Client organisations with an independent means to determine the level of compliance with an approved, Licence to Practise quality improvement measure.

Auditing is also an essential resource aimed at halting the decline and deskilling trends in the industry. The objective of the SparkSafe audit process is to strengthen Client engagement with the industry by improving supply chain accountability around the qualifications, skills and experience of electrical workers.

The audit process aims to incentivise apprentice recruitment, encourage adult upskilling, protect Qualified Electricians, improve the value proposition of the industry and reduce the dependency on semiskilled workers.

Our compliance auditing service includes:

  • Two weeks’ notice by the auditor to the Main Contractor on behalf of the Project Manager.
  • Advanced copy of the audit schedule and questions.
  • Provision of an audit preparation check-list.
  • Requirement upon the Main Contractor to have all supporting evidence relating to the audit available 24 hrs before the audit.

Due to the present health and safety restrictions on projects, all planned audits will be conducted by desk-top arrangements with the SparkSafe audit team.