No fee AE licence offer ending soon: Act now!

23 November 2020

SparkSafe is offering a 100% guaranteed rebate to electrical installation apprentices who wish to obtain a three-year electrical Licence to Practise. The offer is strictly limited to new 2020 entrants who are currently employed and working towards an industry approved Level 3 electrical installation apprenticeship.

Licence to Practise is a unique way for apprentices to establish, manage and show-case their occupational identity to Clients and employers in the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors of the UK industry.

Licenced apprentices who become unemployed, can strengthen and distinguish their curriculum vitae to prospective new employers by pointing them to the independent verification of apprenticeship provision on the SparkSafe system.

Here is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this limited offer to become a Licenced Apprentice Electrician. The application process is straightforward. We guarantee to swiftly process a 100% no fee, no deduction rebate once the licence has been approved.

There is nothing to lose and something important to gain by registering as a new entrant, electrical installation apprentice.

SparkSafe is part of an industry approved, charitable trust established in 1998. Our aim is to improve quality and raise standards in the industry. We believe the best interests and development of the UK electrical contracting industry is served through the participation of school-leavers and suitable adults on industry approved Level 3 apprenticeship programs.

The offer ends on Friday 11th December 2020, so act now by completing the online SparkSafe application. Don’t miss out on this unique offer to build your occupational identity and industry credentials.

T & C’s
All new entrant 2020 electrical installation apprentices are encouraged to avail of the offer. The qualifying period will cease on Friday 11th December 2020. This means that any new entrant apprentice licence applications must be approved on or before this date to be eligible for the £100 refund.

The opportunity benefit from the rebate is currently available. The application process is straightforward and can be completed via this link

Please feel free to contact a member of our team on 03300 579 572 or 02825 666835 should you require further assistance.