Council backs SparkSafe LtP

14 January 2020

Following careful evaluation, Mid and East Antrim Borough Council has confirmed that the SparkSafe Licence to Practise system will feature as a pre-qualification and specification requirement on all council capital and maintenance projects from 2019.

The new condition is aimed at improving quality and raising standards in the local industry on behalf of the public. Council officials intend to use the system to improve safety, quality, and value for money outcomes by incentivising the industry to recruit, employ, and train licenced electrical workers.

Derek Thompson, CEO of Sparksafe LtP, said, “Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, are raising the quality improvement bar on how they select, appoint, and manage electrical subcontractors on behalf of local ratepayers by specifying the SparkSafe LtP system. The Council is set on leading the way in eliminating a common age-old client blind spot that exists around the occupational identity, competence, and qualifications of individual supply chain electrical workers.”