User Guides

We have developed a number of User Guides which takes the user through the SparkSafe system step by step. Each guide provides easy to follow guidance on the following four areas

Accessing your members area
Learn how to log into your members area, unlock user accounts, as well as creating Username and Password reminders.

Managing Users
Understand the difference between Main Contacts and Project Contacts, learn how to create new users, as well as edit and disable existing users.

Manage Projects
Learn how to accept project connection requests that have been sent from the Main Contractor. Understand how to access Live Projects and add Electrical Workers to projects. Learn how to access the Workforce Composition Report via the SparkSafe system.

Manage Electrical Worker Connections
Learn how to create connections with your electrical workforce (both directly employed and subcontracted workers). Understand how to monitor electrical worker connections and ensure timely connections have been made.