Has the virtuous loop been replaced by a vicious circle?

28 September 2020

What is SparkSafe LtP?

SparkSafe LtP is the first universal online electrical worker gatekeeping system in the UK. It is designed to help commercial and industrial client’s award contracts in favour of electrical contractors who employ licensed electrical workers. The system provides clients with a unique online workforce composition report and an on-site audit driven compliance report service.

What problems is SparkSafe LtP addressing?

  • Poor gatekeeping – too many low skilled electrical workers have entered the construction industry supply chain.
  • Refocus client interest – electrical competencies and occupational identity priorities have been eclipsed at the gate by health and safety passports.
  • Encourage CPD – low levels of accredited apprenticeship training and poor drivers for adult worker upskilling persist the sector

Problem set #1

Poor gatekeeping – Too many unqualified, underqualified and self-designated electrical workers have entered the UK construction industry supply chain.


  • Decline in productivity and performance.
  • Increased snagging, latent defects, delay and disruption.
  • Rising moral, legal and financial risk factors for clients.
  • Displacement of competent workers.
  • Further reputational damage to the sector.

Problem set #2

Poor gatekeeping – The industry has lost much of its appeal and is being outbid by many other sectors for high quality new entrants.


  • Productivity in the domestic market declines as the average age of existing workforce increases.
  • Drop in capacity and performance by the indigenous workforce may be addressed by internationally productive contractors.
  • More underqualified, unqualified and self-designated electrical workers will fill the void.
  • Electrical safety and quality of work decline.

How do we make things better?

  1. Be protective – Guard the client against cowboy contractors and rogue operators.
  2. Be visible – Build transparency around personal worker identity and accountability. Shine more light on the industry’s best asset – Licensed electrical workers!
  3. Be efficient – Make use of an online workforce composition reporting resource and replace analogue trust based systems.
  4. Be modern – Remove the administrative burden and make it much easier for the contractor and the client.
  5. Be vigilant – Fake electrical qualifications certificates are out there.
  6. Be online – Plastic cards are lost, forgotten, faked and easily bought on the black market.
  7. Be inclusive – The majority of electrical workers operate without affiliation to a trade association. Use a system that authenticates everyone’s electrical credentials
  8. Be honest – Keep the client fully informed about who is performing electrical working on their project. Stop hiding unqualified, underqualified and self-designated electrical workers.
  9. Be productive – Use IT to reduce the on-site photocopying, filing, record keeping and checking effort.
  10. Be progressive – Help modernise, revive and transform the industry on behalf of its workers and clients, by being open to innovative rethinking.

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