SparkSafe and the Electrical Apprenticeship

4 December 2019

SparkSafe and the Electrical Apprenticeship


New entrant workers are essential to the continuity and productivity of all industry sectors. Time, health, progression, and other factors mean that there is an indispensable requirement to attract, train, and retain the next generation of replacement workers.

Most UK and Irish construction trades have fared poorly over the past three decades in their efforts to appeal to the best of the annual school-leaving population. Other existing and emergent industries have maintained or built better brands and propositions, allowing them to outbid some of the established trades for vital new blood.

SparkSafe is especially interested in promoting the electrical installation apprenticeship to prospective school leavers. We believe that an authentic, four-year electrical installation apprenticeship provides the best foundation for a diverse and rewarding lifelong career.

We are committed to supporting industry approved apprenticeship standards and framework agreements as the preferred means for young people to enter and develop through the industry.

Part of SparkSafe’s rationale is to inform and persuade responsible corporate socially minded Client organisations of the societal and public benefits in supporting contractors who train apprentice electricians.

Client organisations who specify and make use of the SparkSafe system can view online via the Workforce Composition Report, those apprentices who have been independently assessed and are employed by an electrical contractor.