Rethinking Electrical Contracting with Electrical Licence to Practice

8 January 2018

We have prepared the attached Rethinking Electrical Contracting with Electrical Licence to Practice 2017 Progress Report for your interest and consideration. The SparkSafe Electrical Licence to Practice initiative has emerged from a lengthy consultative rethinking exercise by the local industry.  Sub-economic tendering, slackness in the supply chain and negative outlook have driven the development and introduction of the first universal online Electrical Worker gatekeeping system in the UK.

The online gatekeeping system has been designed to connect the competency of employed and sub-contracted Electrical Workers by Licence type to specific construction projects.  Each worker is assessed and provided with one of three Licence types based on accredited and industry approved qualifications, as well as relevant and up to date employment experience.

The system is well established and presently specified on circa one billion pounds worth of commercial and industrial public sector construction projects.  We have designed the system to achieve the following outcomes.

  1. Ensure Main Contractors employ Electrical Contractors who only employ Licenced Electrical Workers.
  2. Improve productivity and electrical safety practices by excluding cowboy contractors and rogue operators from the supply chain.
  3. Stimulate accredited apprenticeship and adult worker training for the sector.
  4. Provide a universal and accessible gatekeeping system based on individual accountability for electrical workers operating in the commercial and industrial sector.
  5. Make online workforce composition monitoring available and provide an on-site quality assurance auditing service.
  6. Support sustainable construction and social procurement objectives.
  7. Reduce snagging, defects and delay and disruption costs.

We thank you in anticipation of you taking time to read the attached report.  Please feel free to enquire with us should you require further information.