Plumbing connection dilemma!

24 November 2017

The following questions are asked for research purposes and are done so with a spirit of deference to the plumbing trade. They are not intended to besmirch or negatively criticise the good intention of plumbers who seek to provide customer service and value for money. Please be mindful of this should you decide to provide a comment.

Should a plumber install and electrically connect a replacement immersion heater or an electrical shower? Are plumbers sufficiently trained and equipped to safely disconnect, install, connect and electrically test the work?

Please consider

•   Safe isolation-Do plumbers posses and know how to use electrical safe isolation equipment?

•   Initial electrical condition survey- Do plumbers have sufficient skills to determine existing or potential electrical risk factors?

•   Personal safety- Are plumbers placed at a higher risk of shock or electrocution by performing electrical connection work?

•   Bonding – Do plumbers have sufficient knowledge and appropriate skill to deal with the presence, absence or reinstatement of earth bonding?

•   Cable and connecting – Are plumbers sufficiently trained and equipped to select and size appropriate protective devices or cable types?

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