No pain, no gain

Industry News: 28 June 2017

For National Electrical Licence to Practice

It would appear that around half of all the UK’s electrical workers are not up to date with accredited knowledge of the “Current” Edition Wiring Requirements. It is often argued correctly from within the trade that possession of a qualification covering BS 7671 is no guarantee of competency. Should this argument be used as an excuse to turn a blind eye to the obligations of the modern industry towards its customers? Why are so many card carrying registered electricians not up to date? Has this legacy compromised productivity and electrical safety?

Many qualified and competent observers report that the industry is becoming increasingly dependent on under-qualified and unqualified manual workers. Has the industry masked a systemic failure to establish the continual professional development of its workforce?
Time and money have been the main historical barriers. Employers must have turnover, cash flow, and profit. Demand, competition, and productivity are tied to these essential requirements.

Many employers are proactive and clearly invest in training their workers in the hope of keeping ahead of the competition and meeting the needs of their clients. The absence of drivers suggests that the majority of the industry is probably not going to match this commitment. Without appropriate client drivers and the will to police them, responsible employers and their workers will continue to be undermined and disadvantaged.

SparkSafe’s National Electrical Licence to Practice system presently empowers the client to mandate and monitor the requirement for qualified electricians to be up to date with the current edition of the BS7671 Wiring Requirements.