Be honest – Fake AM2 Certificate Alert

4 December 2017

The AM2 (Achievement Measurement 2) test is retained and valued by the electrical contracting industry as a source of evidence leading towards a minimum competency outcome.

Developed, to support the attainment of an overall industry approved Level 3 Electrical Installation qualification, the AM2 continues to provide the industry with a unique practical and knowledge-based skills test.

The test is usually undertaken as part of the overall accredited electrical installation qualification. It must not be considered as a stand-alone qualification for the purpose of employment as a qualified electrician.

Some employers, workers, customers and industry stakeholders have formed an erroneous impression that the possession of an AM2 certificate is a passport to undertake unsupervised electrical installation work. The AM2 test must only be considered the final unit of the industry approved Level 3 outcome.

Fake AM2 certificates exist in the UK. Users of fake certificates seek to shortcut and deceive the assessment process. By doing so, users of such certificates introduce serious, long-term latent risk to employers and customers.

Vigilant staff at SparkSafe have reported fake AM2 certificates to NET in the past few weeks. Checking and validating electrical qualification certificates presents problems to many employers. Modern colour photocopiers, high definition scanners and online services provide opportunity and convenience to those who wish to circumnavigate the time cost and effort of doing the right thing the right way.

SparkSafe’s top tip – Request original certificates.

If in doubt – contact NET

Need help – contact SparkSafe We are here to help improve the quality and raise the standards of the industry.