Find a Licenced Electrical Worker

12 August 2020

We have made it easy for the electrical contracting and maintenance industry customers to independently determine the identity and occupational competency of a licenced electrical worker.

On the SparkSafe homepage, we have included an easy to use “Find a Licenced Electrical Worker” feature.   There is no app required to use this search tool (Fig 1.).


search for licence


By entering the worker’s first name and membership number, Clients can determine in advance or at the point of arrival who the person is, what they look like, and how well qualified they are to do the work (Fig 2)




The fact is that most domestic and commercial customers, including main contractors, are forced to work with a trust-based system that may or may not be supported by a plastic ID card.  Plastic cards are unreliable as they can be lost, forgotten, stolen, or forged. Plastic cards also put the worker in a position of control over the Client.  Is allowing unqualified, under-qualified, self-designated, or semi-skilled electrical workers on to your property or construction site a risk worth taking?  Ignorance is not bliss in the eyes of the law. The courts expect commercial Clients to be compliant with the requirements of the CDM Regulations.  Responsible main contractors likewise are often obliged to accept plastic cards on face value.

Our “Find an Electrical Worker” feature is a new and useful resource that will help risk-conscious, customer focussed main contractors address the shortcomings of the potentially hazardous trust-based system.