Fake Cert Alert

26 July 2017

Employers, are you employing someone with fake electrical qualifications? Have you been duped by the handy work of crafty copiers? Modern photocopiers and plastic card printers continue to be a source of illegal cash income for those who blight the industry with fake electrical qualifications.

We believe that there are thousands of fake electrical qualification certificates in use throughout the UK. Now might be a good time to review and audit your recruitment and training records. Fake qualification holders can destroy your hard earned reputation.

Here are five tips to help unwary employers get grips with dodgy documents.

1. Don’t rely on photocopies. If in doubt request original certificates.
2. Don’t assume “originals” are authentic. Compare originals with previously authenticated originals.
3. Check the alpha numerical font styles; they should be consistent on each line of text.
4. Check for spelling errors e.g. “Dcemember” doesn’t usually appear on an awarding body certificate.
5. Check the dates – Does the Certificate date make sense against the persons declared DOB?