Electrical Contractors – Seven Steps to SparkSafe Compliance

Industry News: 22 June 2016

We recommend that electrical contractors follow the steps set out below to ensure SparkSafe compliance.

  1. Ensure you are SparkSafe registered.  You will not be able to access any public sector projects unless you have completed your online registration.
  2. Once you have registered, you are required to make sure that all of your Electrical Workers (both directly employed and sub-contracted)  are SparkSafe Licenced to Practice.
  3. Once your workers have had their licence approved, you are required to make connections with your Electrical Workers via your SparkSafe member’s area  (you can only connect with those workers who have had their licence approved by SparkSafe).
  4. Once you have sent the connection request to all of your workers, the connection requests will appear as ‘pending’ on the system.  It is the responsibility of the worker to accept the request and connect with you.  You should manage these connections via your SparkSafe member’s area.
  5. When the electrical worker accepts your connection request, you must then add the worker to project that they will be working on.  Projects are created within the SparkSafe system by Clients.
  6. You must manage the make-up of your workforce composition for each project.  This is easily accessed and managed via the Workforce Composition Report within your members area.  Once workers have been added by you to the project, this allows Clients and Main Contractors to have visibility of your workforce by licence type on a project by project basis.
  7. Ensure you maintain your SparkSafe registration.  You are required to renew your SparkSafe registration annually.  You will receive a renewal email reminder from us 3 months prior to your expiry date.  You will also receive an alert within your SparkSafe member’s area.