Client ignorance is a rogue contractor’s best asset.

28 June 2017

Fraud up

Client organisations with electrical maintenance or installation requirements usually contract for the services of qualified electricians. In reality, many are being provided with electrical workers who are self-designated, under-qualified or unqualified.

Such workers can be tucked in behind a few qualified operatives who front the day to day contact with the client. In other circumstances, a bona fid Electrical Contractor can be duped by the fake certificates or plastic card of a new start or a rogue labour only sub-contractor.

Are you getting value for money? Do you have a clear picture of the supply chain? Have you considered the safety, legal and financial consequences of latent electrical problems left behind by unlicensed electrical workers?

The unfortunate risk of fraud extends to both public and private customers of the industry. Responsible customers want and are entitled to value for money. So how do you know that workers are who they say they are, and how do you know that they are qualified to perform electrical work on your project or property?

Find out

There is no need to remain in the dark when it comes to the identity and competency of unknown electrical workers on to construction projects. Traditional procurement processes for commercial and industrial contracts usually focus on the corporate credentials of the supply chain. Previous experience, turnover, insurance, management and trading history form part of most PQQ enquiries. Ghost writers and in-house professional bid writers have learned how to provide evidenced based answers to win tendering opportunities. Providing answers does not appear to the problem. Are you asking the right questions? Do you have the right systems and procedures in place to guard against rogue operators and cowboy contractors?

Most PQQ documents exclude the obligation to disclose the identity and competencies of individual workers. Instead, they tend to allow generalisation to be offered around the composition of the electrical contractor’s principal asset – the workers.

Client ignorance is a rogue contractor’s best asset. Quality driven contractors often become losers to those who dupe and blindside customers with low cost, under-qualified and unqualified electrical workers.