Belfast City Council includes SparkSafe Licence to Practise option.

16 January 2019

SparkSafe is pleased to confirm that  Belfast City Council Property and Projects Department has maintained inclusion of Electrical Licence to Practise in the publication of its “Good Design Guide.” The Council manage services; maintain assets and commission capital projects for around 330,000 Northern Ireland citizens.

Officials at the Property and Projects Department have included the “Electrical Licence to Practise” system as a specification and procurement resource for use by external professionals undertaking electrical design and consultancy work.

The system has been designed to help responsible clients and public service organisations address the risks and social impact associated with supply chain providers who rely on unqualified and underqualified electrical workers.

Derek Thompson CEO for SparkSafe said, “We are grateful to the Property and Projects Department of Belfast City Council for the continued opportunity to help improve quality and raise the standards of electrical installation and maintenance in the Belfast Metropolitan Area.”