Is it just another scheme?

28 October 2019

Following the announcement of the collaboration between SparkSafe and NAPIT, we received a letter questioning how this could be good for the industry?   Many in the UK electrical contracting industry are perhaps justifiably skeptical of initiatives to overcome the fragmented nature of our sector.  Morale is low and doubt in the leadership and direction of the industry is often high.   The effort between NAPIT and SparkSafe is aimed at helping responsible Clients discriminate between competent workers and cowboy or rogue operators who work on the UK’s commercial and industrial projects.  Root cause analysis of our industry has convinced SparkSafe, that the remedy and corrective measures for the deterioration of the sector are ultimately in the hands of informed, equipped, and responsible Clients.  SparkSafe is a registered Charitable Trust.  There are no shareholders; the organisation is overseen by a voluntary, dedicated, and unpaid group of SME stakeholders. The objective of SparkSafe is to do the right thing by improving quality and raising standards in the industry.  Sadly, racketeering and protectionism are dark realities across many parts of the UK. B oard members and the staff of SparkSafe are conscientious, community-minded, family orientated, and socially responsible individuals.   The collaboration between NAPIT and SparkSafe is founded on shared ethical values which fully support the UK’s detection, law enforcement, and legal systems in addressing such criminality.

Read our full response to this question on page 23 of the October edition of the Professional Electrician Magazine