What is SparkSafe LtP?

SparkSafe LtP is the first electrical Licence to Practise system in the UK.

As an independent Charitable Trust, we have been able to innovate beyond the conventional approach regarding the assessment, accountability and disclosure of electrical worker competency.

We’ve developed a unique online system that helps Clients reduce the risks, which arise from using unqualified, underqualified and self-designated electrical workers.

We make it easy for Clients to see the individual and collective competency of an appointed electrical contractor’s workforce. Our innovative system establishes an online connection between the electrical worker, electrical contractor, main contractor and the Client.  This appears in the form of a unique online workforce composition report providing the Client with visibility, transparency and reporting tools that deter fraud and encourage improved contract performance.  This means that you get to see who is on your project and how well those workers are qualified to carry out the work based on independent third-party assessment and validation.

Specifying SparkSafe will help reduce risk, improve quality, and raise standards on construction and maintenance projects.

If you would like to learn more about the SparkSafe’s unique quality improvement system, we can arrange a short online system demonstration for you and your colleagues.  You can contact our team on  03300 579 572.