How it works

We have designed the SparkSafe system to be both logical and intuitive for users. Each step of the input and reporting processes have been carefully considered with the aim of minimising effort and maximising benefit for Clients. The system has already been tried and tested on a wide range of UK construction projects.

Existing industry systems either obscure the individual competency or place the administrative burden on the Client to discover, assess and record who is working on their project.  SparkSafe has been designed to help busy Clients increase control and reduce administrative effort, in the management and understanding of the workers who carry out electrical installation work on their projects.

SparkSafe is a breakthrough resource which favours responsible and discerning Clients of the construction industry. The system reverses the normal burden of discovery, by obliging the supply chain to make full disclosure before work commences on site. By specifying SparkSafe at the PQQ and ITT stage, the prospective supply chain tenderers will be required to consider:

+ The independently assessed competency of each electrical worker by licence type
+ How well the electrical workforce meet the technical and practical needs of the project from commencement to handover

SparkSafe obliges the main contractor to only employ electrical subcontractors, who in turn only employ licenced electrical workers on your project. A previously established condition of tender, requires the supply chain to make connections via the system. Once all supply chain connections are in place, an online Workforce Composition Report becomes visible to the project stakeholders for audit and quality improvement purposes.  By following our simple five step process, Clients will benefit from improved safety outcomes, and increased value for money through better supply chain accountability.

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