Licence Types

Three licence types have been determined for the benefit and understanding of the Client.  They are not intended or designed to match the conventional pay and grading structure.  Essentially, the Client wants to know if the worker or workers providing a service on their behalf, are identifiable and sufficiently competent to fulfill the requirements of the contract.

The SparkSafe system is designed to provide the Client with online visibility of the Electrical Contractor’s workforce by Licence type on a project by project basis.  As a result, the Client will be able to monitor, assess and report on the composition of the Electrical Contractor’s workforce.  This will help ensure that appropriate competency levels are achieved and maintained to meet the requirements of each project.

The Licence types available for Electrical Workers include – Licence to Practise for Qualified Electrician, Restricted Electrical Worker and Apprentice Electrician.

Licence Types 4