Licence Types & Criteria

Four licence types have been determined for the benefit and understanding of the Client.  They are not intended or designed to match the conventional pay and grading structure.  Essentially, the Client wants to know if the worker or workers providing a service on their behalf, are identifiable and sufficiently competent to fulfill the requirements of the contract.

The SparkSafe system is designed to provide the Client with online visibility of the electrical contractor’s workforce by licence type on a project by project basis.  As a result, the Client will be able to monitor, assess and report on the composition of the electrical contractor’s workforce.  This will help ensure that appropriate competency levels are achieved and maintained to meet the requirements of each project.

The licence types available for electrical workers include – Licence to Practise for Assessed Qualified Electrician, Qualified Electrician, Restricted Electrical Worker and Apprentice Electrician valid for three years.  If a Licence is more than six months out of date, you will have to complete a new application and meet the full requirements that are in place for a first time Licence application.

Assessed Qualified Electrician

The purpose of this licence is to indicate to the Client that the electrical worker has met the requirements of the SparkSafe Qualified Electrician (QE) licence and has been technically assessed onsite by a UKAS accredited certification body to the IET’s Electrotechnical Assessment Specification standard.


  • Meet the criteria for a QE Licence holder
  • Copy of current Electrical Installer Certification Scheme Certificate of Approval [Full Scope for all electrical work]
    [Verification will be sought from the UKAS accreditation certification body that the applicant has been technically assessed on-site]

Qualified Electrician

The purpose of this licence type is to indicate that the person is experienced, skilled and up to date with electrical qualifications.  The licence type is intended for workers who possess approved current or legacy electrical installation qualifications.

Criteria  (Please note certificates must be provided)

  • An NVQ Level 3 in Electrotechnical Installation or the final Apprenticeship Deeds or Apprentice Completion Certificate [updated January 2021]
  • The current BS7671 IET Wiring Requirements qualification
  • Photographic ID
  • Digital Photograph
  • A minimum of 2 years employment verification in the industry

Please note if the required certificates are not received in support of a QE Licence but sufficient evidence has been received for an REW Licence the application will be passed to the approval team for an REW Licence.  Once the QE criteria has been met the licence type will be amended.

Restricted Electrical Worker

The purpose of this licence type is to indicate that the person is not fully qualified or up to date with the required electrical qualifications.  This licence type is aimed at a broad range of electrical workers.  This includes graded labourers through to practising electricians who are not currently up to date with the BS7671 IET Wiring Requirements.  New entrants and novice workers are excluded from this category of licence.

Specialist installers/contractors of ELV (and LV) such as Lift Installation, CCTV, Data Cabling and Cable Jointing should be registered with a Licence to Practise system.  Many of these installers are drawn into mains voltage enabling work and become responsible for final connections between the work of the principal electrical contractor and the wiring and/or final connection of their products/systems.  Specialist installers such as those mentioned above may be eligible for an REW licence.


  • A minimum of 2 years experience employment verification in the industry is required.  Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have relevant, up to date skills and work experience in the electrical installation/contracting industry
  • Photographic ID
  • Digital Photograph

Apprentice Electrician

This licence type demonstrates that the person is working towards becoming fully qualified by means of an industry approved framework/standard.  Apprentices will be issued with a standard licence for all year groups.


  • To be eligible, applicants must be registered as an apprentice on an industry approved apprenticeship framework/standard.  Applicants must also be working towards achieving a Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Installing Electrotechnical Systems
  • Provide a copy of a Personal Training Plan (PTP) or Delivery Agreement (DA) signed by training provider, employer and apprentice.  Must state framework number, framework title, course start and end date
  • Photographic ID
  • Digital Photograph
  • Employment is verified by the signed Personal Training Plan or Delivery Agreement.  No other employment verification is required