Licence Renewal

Electrical Workers Renewal Information

The Electrical Worker Licence is valid for 3 years from the date of approval.  Electrical workers will be sent two automated emails from the system regarding Licence Renewal, 60 days prior to renewal date and 90 days after renewal date.  The table below summarises the renewal timescales.

Expiry Details
60 Days Prior to Renewal The SparkSafe system will send an automated email 60 days prior to your Licence expiry date.

This notification prompts you to renew your Licence by logging into your member’s area at and clicking on the Renew Now button.  Renew early before your existing Licence expires.  Your licence will be renewed for 3 years from your expiry date.

If you allow your SparkSafe Licence to expire, you will no longer have access to your account.

90 Days After Expiry Date If after 90 days, you have still not renewed your Licence, you will receive an automated email from the SparkSafe system.

Your application will be removed from the SparkSafe system.  Due to Article 5 (e) of GPDR personal data should not be kept longer than necessary for the purpose in which it is processed.

If you require a SparkSafe Licence in the future, you must complete a new online application and provide all necessary documentation to support your application.

Please Note:  The Procurement Guidance Note (PGN) 01/16 requires that only Licenced Electrical Workers are employed to undertake work on Government Construction Projects.  SparkSafe LtP aim to carry out 100% audits on all Government Projects.

If you would like to speak to a member of the SparkSafe team to discuss your renewal please call 03300 579 572 or email