Costs & Payment

Four licence types have been developed and determined for the benefit and understanding of the Client.  These are – Assessed Qualified Electrician, Qualified Electrician, Restricted Electrical Worker and Apprentice Electrician.  All licences are valid for three years and include an administration fee of £35 which is non refundable.

EW Payment Table

Payment Online

Payment must be made before your application can be submitted.  Payments made online are confirmed via an automated email message.

You can pay online with a credit or debit card. It’s secure, quick and easy.

Payment Options

As the costs associated with maintaining a Direct Debit facility as a preferred payment method is uneconomical given that the uptake of the facility by subscribers during the period is circa 0.02%.  Therefore, we no longer offer this facility as a payment option.

As a responsible Charitable Trust operator, we are obliged to keep our costs under review.  By doing so, we can help improve the efficient and reasonable use of our funds on behalf of our stakeholders.