Benefits of Specifying SparkSafe

Electrical Licence to Practise is an effective means of supporting Client organisations with the obligations contained in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.  The online system provides Client organisations with a unique resource to help drive the safety and quality agenda, from procurement through to commissioning and final handover.

Sustainability in Construction objectives also falls within the scope of the system.  By specifying electrical Licence to Practise, Client organisations will be contributing to the momentum for apprenticeship recruitment and adult worker upskilling.

Client organisations seeking to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility towards the wider public, their own staff and customers will also be equipping their organisation with a system that produces tangible evidence to support this objective.

Some of the typical issues effecting Client organisations include, delays to project handover, poor quality workmanship, overlooked snagging and post-handover defects, ultimately resulting in disruption to business activities.  These issues often arise because of weaknesses in the subcontract supply chain.  This new Electrical Licence to Practise system provides Client organisations with a resource that allows them to both specify higher competency levels, and monitor compliance with the requirement.